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6 ratings
3.2% Berliner Weisse

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Post author: Daniel W
Daniel W
5 years ago
Was expecting a little more from it.

Post author: Frank B
Frank B
5 years ago
My first beer out of this month's Beer 52 box. I'm not a fan of Berliner Weisse or sour style beers. They just don't suit my sweet palate. Saying that, this beer has a refreshing hop aroma, there are obviously a lot in there as it is quite pungent. A little sour in the mouth with a hop explosion and then a lingering, almost citrus like sourness. It's not bad but I couldn't drink another straight after.

Post author: whitebuildings
5 years ago
Kind of like tart, alcoholic lemonade. Excellent beer for a hot summer day, very refreshing. Would get a half star more if it was higher than 3.2%

Post author: MrJamesJohnson
5 years ago
Pretty nice for a sour, mild and still more hoppy than usual