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22 ratings
Cerveza Castellana Trigo
4.5% Hefeweizen
Weizenbier style , light and smooth body, vanilla and banana flavour and aroma, with a refreshing finish. Cloudy and pale color, typical from wheat beers. Recipe made with Spanish barley malt and a high proportion of malted wheat.

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Post author: Drunken Monkey
Drunken Monkey
@ Drunken Monkey marina
3 years ago
Productos de Andalusia - proudly from Spain. The unique ashape of the bottle tells we are far from San Miguel now. Trigo is a local artesian weisbeer, made with Spanish hop. It has the soft sugary taste of wheat, but does not push itself too far in the weisbeer spectrum. Even people who generally do not enjoy wheat beers may like this. A hint of vanilla in the finish, but still has the familiar lager like barley dominating the taste.

Post author: Pegaso
4 years ago

Post author: Cazes T
Cazes T
4 years ago
Une bière de soif très bonne 😁 qui viens de mon pays

Post author: Nono
4 years ago

Post author: Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix
5 years ago
CERVEZA CASTELLANA DETRIGO, ,4,5 %: Cerveza con algo de trigo, no mucho, y con un color amarillo pálido, mucha espuma y mucho gas como corresponde a una de trigo. Poco sabor a trigo, mucho sabor a cereal, con bastante cuerpo.

Post author: Víctor Peláez
Víctor Peláez
5 years ago
75cl bottle: great size for a dinner with friends! Weizenbier style highly carbonated with a cloudy pale golden body. Aroma with banana 🍌 and vanilla notes, refreshing and dense in mouth. It leaves many sediments in the glass

Post author: Ricardo S
Ricardo S
5 years ago
Cerveza española de trigo de categoría. Buenísima.

Post author: Manuel M
Manuel M
5 years ago
De color miel claro algo turbia, muy suave y refrescante