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22 ratings
Henry Westons 2016 Vintage Cider Oak Aged
8.2% Apple Cider
A distinguished special reserve, medium dry sparkling cider. Made using only the very best Herefordshire cider apples from a single year's harvest. Traditionally crafted and slowly aged in 200 year old oak vats to deliver a full bodied cider with a long lingering finish and an aroma simply bursting with fruit. Delicious on its own or with cheese and meats. Westons Cider has been produced in the village of Much Marcle for over 130 years. In 1880 Henry Weston first started crafting cider from the bittersweet apples grown on his farm in Much Marcle, Herefordshire. Over many years he refined the art of Herefordshire cider making. Today, Henry Westons Vintage Cider is produced only from apples in a single year's harvest in the three counties of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire & Worcestershire. The cider is then slowly matured in aged oak vats to deliver a smooth, rounded, medium-dry cider packed with magnificently exceptional character.

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Post author: Miika N
Miika N
4 years ago

Post author: Esa M
Esa M
4 years ago
Omia klassikkosiideri suosikkeja. Toimii usein ja helposti

Post author: Ville Dänkä Tuominen
Ville Dänkä Tuominen
@ Alko Nokia
5 years ago
Ei mitenkään erikoisen makuinen.

Post author: Jura
@ St Michael
5 years ago
Omenainen siideri, jossa maistuu pitkäaikainen vankka ammattitaito

Post author: J F
5 years ago
Suorastaan häkellyttävän kirkkaankeltainen lasissa, selkeä ja raikas. Tanakka omppu. Ehkä aavistus makeaa, hiukan tuntuvampi hiivaisuus ja annos syyspimeyttä parantaisi entisestään.

Post author: tupe
@ Alko Linnanmaa
5 years ago
Paras vahva siideri. Ei liian makea.

Post author: Tony R
Tony R
5 years ago
Lovely taste. Would recommend

Post author: King Goblin
King Goblin
5 years ago
Great for putting you to sleep