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Coco Loco 6.0%, Mondo Brewing Company, England
7 arviota
Coco Loco
6.0% Porter
Beach wood smoked malt, pale cara, crystal, chocolate, and black malts are brewed with East Kent Goldings to make the base beer, then fresh toasted coconut is added during conditioning to make this something special.


Post author: Sam C
Sam C
@ Mondo Brewing Company
3 months ago
How is this the nearest watering hole to five a side. Stonking, a departure from the usual choices but what a choice it was. Coconut first, smoky aftertaste, carnage in the gob. Could definitely taste the coconut despite what others are saying, may be that it's different on draught. Rocket fuel, I have no more to say just get it in you.

Post author: Coin Coin
Coin Coin
4 years ago

Post author: Eridan P
Eridan P
5 years ago
Coco Loco, England
Porter légèrement fumé brassé avec de la noix de coco, c'est vraiment pas mal ! On sent bien la coco ce qui est relativement rare.

Post author: Christopher B
Christopher B
6 years ago

Post author: Sarah B
Sarah B
6 years ago

Post author: Gaz J
Gaz J
6 years ago
Lots of loco, not so much coco

Post author: Curtis A
Curtis A
@ Curt's Home
7 years ago
It was very nice but not as coconutty as I was expecting.