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3 ratings
Snake Fear
8.0% Imperial IPA / Double IPA

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Post author: Chris B
Chris B
5 years ago
I've been away again - why does work get in the way of beer? At least I got to see an AC/DC tribute band last weekend called Hells Bells. Rock and Roll. Anyway - happy Friday. I intend to start the catch up now. This DIPA looks awful - like cold insipid gravy mixed with a muddy puddle. Pretty sure it's been upright for ages, so it can't be me. Either way, it tastes excellent. There are four varieties of hops and the taste is tangy and complex. It's chewy and has mid level tropical fruit notes. It's a bit like a dialled up Odell IPA - high praise indeed I think.

Post author: Neil A
Neil A
@ The Bottle Shop, Roath
5 years ago
Love the can art, very different but cool. Pours a hazy orange with a nice think head. And the aroma is has a predominant orangy citrus to it. The taste is more grassy and piney. It's decent but I wouldn't reach for it again