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Berliner Kindl Pils
4.8% Pilsner
Being one of the oldest German beers, Berliner Kindl Pils has stood the test of time. First brewed shortly after Berlin’s conception, the beer bears its name even today. It is considered a flagship of the capital, intertwining the people, culture and beer. This Berliner original is brewed in accordance to the German Purity Law and contains water, hop extract and barley malt. It is a very easy session beer at 4.8% and appears pale gold in colour. The beer provides an almost grass like aroma, with honey and herbal notes balancing the malt taste and a lasting dry finish.

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Post author: Jonas
27 days ago
Pilsneriä perusmalliin, mutta ulkoruokinnassa passaa.

Post author: Peter S
Peter S
1 month ago
Nice Berliner pilsner

Post author: Hamster
@ Berlin
1 month ago
Prost!🇩🇪 13.8.2022 Easy pils with high drinkability. The most expensive small glass of beer in Germany so far as forgot to return the class to the bar from the table (as there was a pant for the glass) 🙈 Cheers!🍻

Post author: Gocry
1 month ago
G. Cerveza rubia alemana tipo pilsner. No está mal. 6 C. Clarita pero bien. 6

Post author: Jnila
2 months ago
En kehdannu laittaa ekaa kuvaa ni otin paskemman. Tää tuoksuu ja maistuu sille, et täs ois käytetty riisiä tai maissia. (Ei jaksa kuukkeloida.) Helkkaristi tietynlaista makeutta ja vähä öljyistä tuntua. Kyllähän tän nyt tässä juo kun on tarpeeks hiilihappoja, mutmut.. not my thing.

Post author: Bierdurst Wunder
Bierdurst Wunder
2 months ago

Post author: Max L
Max L
@ Charlies beach
2 months ago
Pils classique avec son goût malté très présent.

Post author: Toni Trash
Toni Trash
3 months ago
Comme une Pils allemande. C'est léger, assez plat. Arômes de malt. On est dans le traditionnel, sans fioriture.

Post author: Juaneriz
3 months ago

Post author: Tiki
@ Berlin
4 months ago
Vähän niinku koffi, mutta enemmän makua.