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59 ratings
7.5% Imperial Stout
Imperial Stout + Chocolate + Raspberries An imperial stout brewed with raspberries and Valrhona cocoa nibs. Rich flavours of chocolate and fruit collide with boozy heat. Building on our repertoire of wild stouts we have combined our love of locally foraged fruits with our penchant for sweet dark beers. The combination of fruit and chocolate is always amazing and what better way to combat the cold nights of the changing seasons than with a rich warming stout? Specially packaged in 750ml bottles to encourage sharing, it’s a beer to be savoured and divvied out to those you deem fit.

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Post author: Simon P
Simon P
@ 6 Degrees North
3 months ago

Post author: EstéBinouz
@ La Brasserie
2 years ago

Post author: Xamppe800
2 years ago
Ohutrunkoinen mutta marjainen, itse asiassa oluesta löytyvä puolukan fiilis miellyttää minua. Alkoholi ei tunnu ollenkaan, imperial stoutiksi tätä tuskin voinee kutsua

Post author: Heta
@ Voudin Kellari
2 years ago
Ipa tuoksussa, mutta ei maussa. Kevyt, missä sitrus?

Post author: Mikko P
Mikko P
@ Voudin Kellari
2 years ago
Tuoksu lupaa hyvää.mutta valitettavasti maku jää melko mitäänsanomattiksi. Ei jatkoon

Post author: Zsolt Szőke
Zsolt Szőke
@ Duyckercafe
2 years ago

Post author: Richard Nigel David Pain
Richard Nigel David Pain
@ Honest Brew
3 years ago
Plain boring chocolate malt no raspberry flavour or nose strong stout bitter aftertaste

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Beerdome
3 years ago
Murky, very deep dark brown beer with tame carbonation builds a tan, mousse-like head that spreads itself up to mere half a finger. The foamy cap dissolves soon to a hair-thin lace ring circling the surface. No splatters can be detected afterwards. An intriguing medley of light-sour raspberry, dark chocolate and raw cacao powder emanates to the nostrils. The fragrance is rather simple but appealing. The taste receptors enjoy the sour raspberry punch that surrounds bags of raw chocolate, raw cacao nibs and medium-strong licorice. I can also pick distant rowanberry and a shy proposal of burned coffee beans. I wouldn't call this rich unlike the label argues, neither is this complex nor multidimensional. The body is light to light-medium. The beer finishes with sour raspberry mash and a tad rowanberry, perhaps also a whisper of lingonberry, accompanied by bitter licorice root and a distant idea of burned mocha. The aftertaste leaves the tastebuds alone after a while. The mouthfeel is fairly light, rather dry and semitart. The mouthfeel is also a bit strong, a tad burned, somewhat predictable and gardeny.

Post author: Jmal
3 years ago
A bit gassy for a stout. Easy to find some berries i this beer. On the other hand berries taste covers chocolate flavour too much. All in all, drinkable but I won’t go with a second one

Post author: Gnuu
@ Alko Verkkokauppa
3 years ago
700. Olut. Pakko oli hankkia spesiaalia. Ensimmäinen hörppy oli aika mielenkiintoinen, tosi marjaisa ja outo ja kaukana stoutista.. Mutta pakko myöntää, että loppua kohti parani älyttömästi, vaikkeikaan mielestäni stoutiksi "tullut" missään vaiheessa... Alkoholikaan ei puskenut yhtään läpi, mutta pikkusen lisää stouttimaisuutta niin olisi kova juttu...