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5 ratings
Sidra el Gaitero Etiqueta Negra
7.0% Apple Cider

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Post author: Päivi K
Päivi K
@ Stadin Panimobaari
2 years ago

Post author: Ltn. NaCl
Ltn. NaCl
3 years ago
Tyypillisen espanjalaisen tyylisesti etikkainen. Tässä kuitenkin hyvät kuplat. Raikas, mutta jälkimaku hapan.

Post author: Gustavo
@ Carrefour Los Prados
3 years ago
Sidra seca de color dorado brillante y burbuja fina,sabor dulce con ligera acidez,muy buena en general.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Alko Arkadia
5 years ago
This cider pours deep amber with effervescent carbonation. There's basically no head, a mere hair-thin ring of minuscule bubbles floats on top for short duration. Nose is quite weak with dry, relatively sour apple nectar, remote leather and a wooden note. Tastes strong, sour apple juice. The palate is, however, not as sour as Finnish winter apples. The finish gains, in turn, aromas of puckeringly sour apple of extremely long duration. Mouthfeel is first rich sparkling, then later releases also other characteristics and the cider gets to be felt as very dry, puckering, gardeny and a bit farmhousey.