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5 ratings
11.0% Imperial Stout
Equilater is an intense imperial stout, aged in chestnut barrels from the Montseny area, with a characteristically mediterranean touch of dried figs and fennel. It was creatd using molecular pairings, a method that identifies the main molecules in a beverage and finds foods with the same ones to create perfect pairings. we have developed it with François Chartier, one of the most influential sommeliers in the world and creator of molecular harmonies.

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Post author: Thibert
@ Aux Mandarins de Belleville
5 months ago
Bière qui ressemble à une Fischer mais tjrs marrant de la retrouver à Valence

Post author: Grondan
@ Colombo, Lissabon
3 years ago
olá tudo, boa sede, Hyvä ja vahva maku. Helteiseen säähän sopiva janojuoma.