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6 ratings
5.4% India Pale Ale
Session IPA. Mango,lychee,guava and passionfruit is the fuel behind this thirst quenching IPA. Think of the Australian outback.... where we sourced the inspirational grown Melba hops, which boost the flavour as if the turbo kicked in, just in time to escape the heat.

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Post author: Nick P
Nick P
4 years ago
Lightly fruited beer which is good but nothing amazing. When is says it's an IPA with a Mango, Lychee, Guava and Passionfruit behind the flavors I though it might pack a real fruity punch. Still better than most IPAs. Tried a Blonde ale from Anarchy brewery at the weekend which was really nice.

Post author: Philmyglass
@ Gateshead Rugby Football Club
4 years ago
Best of the bunch, hoppy and juicy with nice bittersweet orange citrus flavour. Not sure what’s special edition about it but it’s good!

Post author: Gavin G
Gavin G
@ Rehill's Of Jesmond
5 years ago
It’s ok. Aroma of zest, juice and orange peel. Flavour doesn’t quite live up to what it suggests.