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14 ratings
The Dude
6.0% India Pale Ale

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Post author: Isma hell
Isma hell
@ Board Games And Beers
2 years ago
Belle amertume, note de fruits, lime

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
4 years ago
Hazy, copper beer with rich, effervescent, long-enduring carbonation unleashes a densely packed, mousse-like, cream-colored head that balloons itself more than one finger tall. The foamy pillow shrinks really slowly, marking the wall with a few coverings. The scent is substantially closed and relatively stuffy. Hefty malt with a faintly sweet hint and a strong grainy edge emanate to the nostrils, followed by a lofty injection of yeast. Really unfresh and heavy. The palate is strong and rather heavy but also surprisingly soft, especially for a West Coast IPA. The body is perhaps around medium which is, however, absolutely too weak for 6 % ABV as the alcohol breaks through noticeably. It's even dominant and tends to overbeat the other nuances, such as massive malt, hefty bitter bread and even a somewhat piney grainy punch. The beer turns extraordinarily tangy and sharp towards the finish, leaving an unpleasant boozy impression in the mouth. Unfortunately, the aftertaste keeps the tastebuds suffering for a substantially long. The mouthfeel is very strong, considerably heavy, first quite soft but soon unpleasantly edgy. It's also boozy and, hence, unnicely chemical. Crispness is, notwithstanding, rather restrained though present.

Post author: Folders
4 years ago

Post author: Gameb
5 years ago
Une invitation à aller sur la West coast ! Du minéral au houblon pour finir sur un bon goût de malt.