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7 ratings
Altered State - Lemon Acid IPA
5.0% India Pale Ale
Lemon acid ipa.

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Post author: Philmyglass
4 years ago
Described as an acid IPA with lime zest, I was expecting a bit more punch. It was good with a bit of bite from the lime but there was no bitter finish to speak of and generally just tasted like a flat lime and soda. It was paired with Thai food which I thought would go well together, but it may have killed the other flavours.

Post author: Markthegasman
@ Mark The Gasman
4 years ago

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
5 years ago
Very drinkable but no sign of the acid description

Post author: Nick L
Nick L
5 years ago
Orange yes but not sure where the “acid” features - expected a bit of sharpness but wasn’t to be.

Post author: Geordie1977
@ Beer Ambleside
5 years ago
Bit of a standard ipa at first then lemon sherberts right at the end.