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Tiley's Foreign Extra Stout 6.8%, Tiley's (The Salutation Inn), England
2 ratings
Tiley's Foreign Extra Stout
6.8% Stout


Post author: Petri L
Petri L
4 years ago

Post author: Chris B
Chris B
@ Salutation Inn
5 years ago
Tiley's Foreign Extra Stout, England
You don’t need much to make a great night. Plenty of snow, a warm welcome and some great beer. This is actually from yesterday. The weather was so bad that no-one went to work, they wrapped up and headed for The Sally. Pete opened the pub early. Winner. This stout is the perfect beer for the occasion. It’s inky thick black body a complete contrast to the pure white snow outside. Notes of liquorice and chocolate are evident as soon as you tip the glass. It’s taste is unctuous and rich with a slight bitterness. Definitely a half Pinter - enjoyed best by a glowing fire in a snowy landscape.