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Chaos Theory 5.0%, Turning Point, England
3 ratings
Chaos Theory
5.0% Pale Ale - English
International Pale Ale.


Post author: Abbyja211
4 months ago
Actually a really nice pale ale. Honey is quite subtle but adds a little sweetness

Post author: Jamie K
Jamie K
@ James' House
1 year ago
Chaos Theory, England
Advent Calendar 2021 Beer 17 Freaky Friday Another unusual flavour pairing; A well crafted thick full-bodied ale Can taste the distinct flavour of the honey and it adds a thick sweetness I am unaware of the flavour of marigold so unsure what part of this flavour is the marigold But it’s a nice enough interesting beer, not sure I’d have another one tho.

Post author: Thomas R
Thomas R
5 years ago