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4 ratings
Cocksure Pale Ale
4.2% India Pale Ale
A sessionable pale ale with an amber appearance from the crystal malt which adds depth and presence. You are then greeted with pine, citrus and stone fruit aromas from the hops Mosaic, Cascade US, alongside sweetness from Williamette. Crisp, clean and refreshing.

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Post author: Ian P
Ian P
3 years ago
Good flavours but very weak tasting. Quite watery. Ok if you are looking for refreshment with a hint of beer flavouring.

Post author: Jason H
Jason H
4 years ago
With my new stance or trying to be a bit more liberal with my reviews, this is a damp squib. Yes it hoppy and drinkable but it almost tastes like I’m drinking sparkling water. Got sold by the fact it came in a litre jug. Feel like I’m on a bad run at the moment, need a cracker to sweep me off my heels and take me in to the night.