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Steyning Stinker 4.0%, Riverside Brewery, England
4 ratings
Steyning Stinker
4.0% Smoked / Rauchbier
Smoked Beer.


Post author: James Š
James Š
@ James' House
10 months ago
Steyning Stinker, England
As far as smoked beers go this is quite restrained and sessionable. It’d definitely qualify as an entry beer for those never having tried a smoked beer before. What it lacks in complexity and robustness it certainly makes up for in smoothness and effortless drinkability.

Post author: Bearded C
Bearded C
@ Ginger and Bearded C's house
2 years ago
Steyning Stinker, England
Good grief! This beer exploded out of the bottle, foaming everywhere as I took the lid off. Apart from that, it actually tastes ok as I managed to avoid pouring the dregs from the bottom of the bottle. I've ended up with about half a pint but what's left is good drinkable beer. Cheers!

Post author: Bearded C
Bearded C
3 years ago
Steyning Stinker, England
Very lively local beer this one. Maybe the GBM shook the bottle before I opened it..? Nice smoked flavour. Cheers!

Post author: BeerbytheSea
5 years ago
Steyning Stinker, England
Found this in a beer shop, produced by a local brewery based in Upper Beeding, just outside Brighton. I was curious as I've never had a "smoked" beer before. It pours with a lovely, dark brown hue, with a slight froth which it retains as it settles. The smell is immediately smokey, and the taste is very smooth and not overpowering. I could easily see myself sticking with this for a few pints on a night out as it's so simple but tasty. Definitely give this a try if you find it a sis an easy drinker, but with enough of an interesting taste to make it worthwhile.