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Magic Rock Brewing
6001 ratings
Magic Rock Brewing

Founded in 2011, Magic Rock Brewing is a culmination of a lifelong passion for beer. Inspired by local brewing tradition and the vibrant US beer scene, Magic Rock Brewing draws inspiration from local beer heritage and peers in the global beer community to deliver a taste experience that is magically removed from the mundane. Beer that is flavourful, vibrant, satisfying and consistent; Beer that we love to drink ourselves and proudly serve to everyone!

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Post author: A pint of plain
A pint of plain
24 hours ago
Refreshing with a nice grapefruit/citrus edge. Just the right amount of carbonation. A bit of malt and alcohol in the finish to warm you up. Good beer, well made.

Post author: BeerPongSmurf
3 days ago
Tout est dit dans le comm' précédent 👍 Bon par contre ce genre de bière est un peu moins ma came que le copain même si je lui reconnais une facilité d'accès (à la bière hein, pas au copain) 😉

Post author: Deek69
6 days ago
Nice pale ale with spot on amount of grapefruit flavour. Doesn't overpower or make it too tart. Slight bitter malty aftertaste.

Post author: Deek69
6 days ago
Magic lager not so magic after all.

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
@ Marks and Spencer
6 days ago
An interesting range of hops with a lovely NEIPA taste. Just a little bit soapy for me.

Post author: Tero M
Tero M
@ Little Pub
7 days ago
Kuivan hedelmäinen,aika mauton kokonaisuus. Ehkä hanasta aavistuksen liian kylmänä nautittu.