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134 ratings
Orbit Beers

Cologne and Dusseldorf enjoy one of Europe's most entertaining rivalries, even if it doesn't get much airtime in the UK. These German cities are at daggers drawn over football, carnivals - and beer. Cologne has Kolsch; Dusseldorf Altbier. Both styles are brewed by Orbit, a thoroughly Euro-phile outfit. It's a laudable approach in a city swamped by hop-heavy pale ales, which is nonetheless beginning to appreciate Germany's magnificent contribution to the world of beer. On this occasion, I think Dusseldorf is the winner, with the nutty, bitter Neu the pick of Orbits brews. You may disagree, particularly if you're from Cologne.

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Post author: Booze House Tales
Booze House Tales
4 months ago
Nice crisp lager

Post author: Simon P
Simon P
@ BeerBods
5 months ago

Post author: Andy B
Andy B
@ Honest Brew
6 months ago

Post author: Seasider
@ Crafty Beggar
10 months ago
Really does taste of Tzatziki but probably the second worst beer I have drunk.

Post author: Bluffsfisticuffs
10 months ago
Nice punchy pale ale.

Post author: Bowling
@ Beer52
1 year ago
Not a favourite Roasted dry

Post author: Kenny Rodger
Kenny Rodger
1 year ago
Lovely malty flavour with a slight chocolatey finish just as a decent porter should be

Post author: Dav Tee
Dav Tee
@ Beer52
1 year ago
Very decent Porter

Post author: Cfranks
@ Mother Kelly's (Bethnal Green)
1 year ago