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Charlie Wells
5492 ratings
Charlie Wells

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Post author: Prins Kajuku
Prins Kajuku
@ Systembolaget Båstad
5 days ago
Mörk och mustig. Söt och fyllig smak, nästan lite julmustkänsla.

Post author: Jore
6 days ago
Komea, paksu vaahto. Tuoksussa vanhan talon maapohjaa. Maku kuiva, tummaa suklaata, hapan. Ei jatkoon.

Post author: Almost alcoholic
Almost alcoholic
@ Citymarket Jumalniemi Kotka
11 days ago
Nyt löytyi suklaalle oikea paikka, OLUT!!!! Tällä juomalla Argentiina voittoon Meksikosta.

Post author: Matthieu C
Matthieu C
18 days ago
Ipa pas folle pas horrible non plus

Post author: Leif C
Leif C
@ MS Baltic Princess
18 days ago
Ripauksenverran vaaleaa vaahtoa tummanruskean valoaläpipäästämättömän oluen yllä joka tuoksuu makean suklaisen paahteisen maltaiselle ja maistuu kuivan paahteisen kahvisen katkeran maltaiselle, hiukkasen kylmänpuoleinen, siltikin kolme ja puoli bojoo.

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
25 days ago
Had this beer 3 years ago. Did not understand it comes as a nitro in the can and carbonation in the bottle. My first experience was the nitro which I loved. Interesting to see how this one goes. Wow! What a difference. Hard to believe this is the same beer. Aroma has very little chocolate, notes of dark fruit and malt. Texture is much thinner and has a crisp characteristic. The nitro was much creamier and softer than this. The chocolate is almost obscure, deep flashes of raw bittersweet cocoa. Not the creamy dark chocolate that the nitro version gave to me. This beer is much more roasted and earthy than the toasted nitro version. Has many more characteristics of a porter or a brown ale than the robust stouts that dominate this category. Finish continues the crisp, roasted characteristics ending with a cola flavor and exceedingly dry. 3 years ago is a long time but I distinctly remember the nitro Youngs because it stood out so much for me. It was far superior to the carbonation one. Revealed much more chocolate, a much softer and velvety texture, had notes of vanilla that I never experienced on this version. Never expected the difference between nitrogen and carbonation could result in such a huge variation in flavors.