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The Wolf Brewery

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Post author: Metpol
@ Jolly Tars
2 months ago
A really good pint. Would recommend it.

Post author: Bearded C
Bearded C
@ The Anvil
2 months ago
But I do. Cheers!

Post author: Clusp
3 months ago
A good, well defined IPA, with enough going on to be pretty good. It's strong enough, bity enough, and refreshing enough to bring it up from the ranks of 'Good' to the echelons of 'Pretty Good'. It dangles 'Great' in front of you, like you're a mule chasing a carrot, without ever letting you get there. It's good without being remarkable, but it's missing some layers. It's a bit one dimensional, and yet still pretty good.

Post author: Clusp
3 months ago
It tastes a bit raw, like there's a carrot stick at the bottom of the bottle, hiding in the gloom. It's not bad, don't get me wrong it tastes okay, but I prefer my carrots in plain sight. In fact I think every vegetable should never be incognito. Apart from celery and courgettes, which are an abomination to nature, God, and me, and should be purged from this earth.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ The Bath House
4 months ago
This sounds so historical — or maybe even modern in the current world political context (I hope not) — that I just have to give it a try. The beer wears a see-through, deep copper gown. Carbonation is still somewhat oppressed but more extrovert than that of the previous beer. A beautiful, creamy, dense head emerges on the top and measures almost one finger. Retention is substantially long as a neat silky lacing decorates the surface. The scent offers loads of malt, caramel and multigrain bread. Maybe also a proposal of toffee decides to step out of the darkness. Promising. The tastebuds enjoy caramel malt, dry-grassy hops, bready and grainy flavors and an injection of resin. Simple and predictable but all the components are there. No need to reinvent the wheel once it has already been invented. The body is light minus but not exactly thin. The finish is similar to the actual taste but simpler, leaves something behind, on the floor. The aftertaste is a new recruit in the army and is eager to get into the "real business" soon. The mouthfeel is light, crisp, piney, marginally resinous, surely dry and a tad drying. Traditional. Brings history to today. Solid piece.

Post author: Andy B
Andy B
@ The Kings Head
5 months ago

Post author: GRAHAM PAYNE
@ Exclsve
7 months ago
Ok bitter sweet fruity taste

Post author: Paul P
Paul P
@ Lloyds No1 bar
8 months ago
Nice, malty red ale, great beer

Post author: Richard Nigel David Pain
Richard Nigel David Pain
@ The Tyneside Club
8 months ago
Light fruity gin liqueur beer with alely notes