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Bergenbier (Molson Coors)
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Bergenbier (Molson Coors)

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Post author: Digweed For Victory
Digweed For Victory
3 hours ago
Does the job. But like a Bud

Post author: Jilou
2 months ago
Pils roumaine de rafraîchissement

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Mini Market Str. Mircea Vulcănescu
3 months ago
A local non-alc beer in the park. Straight from the can. Pale malt in the scent. A bit sweet. A metallic aroma hangs around stubbornly. The same malty backbone dances on the tongue, actually a bit like corn flakes. The metallic tang is fortunately more remote now. Sweetness is also less detectable. The hoppy segment is limited but not nonexistent. Okayish for an industrial non-alcoholic beer. The body is naturally thin. The end is identical to upfront. Decent duration. The mouthfeel is thin, bulky, still fairly balanced, only distantly metallic and uncontroversial. It's alright.

Post author: Pallu
3 months ago
Aik paskaa ian sanoo et freesinä ois 2.0