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182 ratings
Uprising Craft Brewing

Cuckoo Brewer sharing the Windsor & Eton Brewery. Late 2018 the Brewer left and the brewery subsequently became a brand of Windsor & Eton.

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Reviews with text or photo

Post author: Mrratch
11 days ago
Half the can fizzed up 🙈. Shame as it wasn’t bad

Post author: Adam P
Adam P
5 months ago
Has a slight tang to it but isn’t bad, slightly more warming than expected

Post author: Clusp
5 months ago
A deep, rich amber, slightly hazy but not so you notice. There's a strong citrus scent, way down low, where the whales live. It has a bite to it, but it's full, not airy and light. Maybe three quarters IPA, one quarter bitter. There's enough going on to keep you coming back. The tang, the maturity, the fullness and the backbone, a bit like drinking Margaret Thatcher. It gets the job done and doesn't piss about asking nicely. Now send in the SAS, and blow the bloody doors off.

Post author: Peter G
Peter G
@ Waitrose, Bath
5 months ago
Very tasty IPA. Nice colour snd a decent hop profile

Post author: Dav Tee
Dav Tee
8 months ago
Slightly odd underlying taste but I can’t quite decide what it is. Maybe not even a bad taste. Yeah, quite likeable

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
@ Waitrose
10 months ago
Funked up can with a great beer hiding inside. Love west coast tastes to this IPA - lovely!

Post author: Andy B
Andy B
@ Waitrose North Walsham
11 months ago

Post author: Bluffsfisticuffs
@ Waitrose Milton Keynes
1 year ago
Decent IPA, no complaints