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26 ratings
Lo Vilot

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Post author: Hopscorner
@ Beerland
8 months ago

Post author: Rata K
Rata K
@ La black de Reus
8 months ago
Un sabor muy logrado a avellana, un color marrón roble. Con muy poca espuma.

Post author: Breuz1
@ Le chaudron
1 year ago
une NEIPA qui en est une de visu, mais gustativement on retrouve peu les habituelles saveurs aromatiques des houblons traditionnels du style, on baigne plutôt dans une amertume poivrée beaucoup trop agressive pour mon palais naïf et vulnérable. Me rappelle très fortement la In DIPA Waters des roumains de Hop Hooligans. Bessarabia et Catalunya même combat.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ La Madriguera Craft Beer
4 years ago
Flight 4/4. Opaque, black beer with timid, hasty carbonation produces a light fawn, silky lace ring on top. Only. Nothing more than that. The scent offers hefty espresso, a good dollop of lactose, a tad dark chocolate as well as clam. Funky, isn't it? The gustatory supply includes sweet coffee with a good amount of milk and raw chocolate while followed by a bit of sweet licorice and distant aniseed. The mouthfeel is medium-full. The beer's aftertaste pushes forward the elements of sweet bitter espresso, very dark chocolate, raw chocolate and faint licorice. The aftertaste disappears from mouth over short to medium duration. The mouthfeel is a bit sappy and lip-glueing, relatively mouth-drying, yet quite soft and nicely smooth.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ La Madriguera Craft Beer
4 years ago
Flight 2/4. Foggy, deep dark yellow beer with decent, regular-duration carbonation frees a clean white, silky head that immediately melts down to a really moderate, frazil-icy lacing and a thin lace ring decorating the surface. The olfactory experience is massively sour, portraying hefty lemon pulp, bags of lemon peel as well as identifiable raw gooseberry. The palate displays colossal, extremely sour lemon zest and a good amount of lemon peel, accompanied by a tad rhubarb, raw apple and some raw gooseberry. The body is light. The aftertaste puts forward extremely sour lemon juice, some grapefruit pulp and lemon peel. The mouthfeel is extraordinarily tart, somewhat light, reasonably juicy and very puckering. It makes me want to grind my teeth.