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400 ratings
Turning Point

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Post author: JulianJones
2 days ago
too sickly for me

Post author: Ting Tong
Ting Tong
@ Green Dragon Tap and Bottle Shop, Whitby
7 days ago
Perfect for Christmas,end of the night, warm fire,good night everyone

Post author: Simon D
Simon D
@ Roots
8 days ago
Light pale ale, citrusy taste in great surroundings. Delicious

Post author: Hourigan F
Hourigan F
1 month ago
A touch tangy but decent

Post author: Abbyja211
2 months ago
Actually a really nice pale ale. Honey is quite subtle but adds a little sweetness

Post author: Lee A
Lee A
3 months ago
Very fruity, smooth finish, all sour

Post author: Max L
Max L
@ Beergium
3 months ago
Très bon pétrole aux notes de caramel beurre salé ultra présentes. C'est rond et ultra gourmand en bouche. On retiendra cependant les 10 degrés qui tabassent un peu en fin de dégustation.

Post author: Sami S
Sami S
@ The Hanging Bat, Edinburgh
3 months ago
Mango sorbertti on osuva. Koska sitä tää on.

Post author: 1972GAZMOD
@ Beer52
3 months ago
Interesting drink. Nice coffee aroma. Sweet maple taste to start with leading onto a coffee bitterness. Don't really get the pecan flavour but there is something there I can't put my mind to it. Drinkable but to me not a session drink but OK as a one off during a session.