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Brewhouse & Kitchen
200 ratings
Brewhouse & Kitchen

This sizeable brewpub just around the corner from Angel Station is clearly intended to appeal to a broader audience than many of your craft-beer venues: it looks like a modern city-centre pub inside. Not a bad thing, by any means, and the beer brewed on site is good. Expect to find four cask ales and three keg beers made on-site (the lager is contract brewed for B&K by Shepherd Neame).

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Post author: Linners
@ Brewhouse & Kitchen
1 month ago
Warm roasted flavour, slightly chocolatey. Light with no real head, slight coffee and chocolate notes. Enjoyable stout. Judge’s label: Would have another

Post author: Linners
@ Brewhouse & Kitchen
1 month ago
Sweet, still, light, very tropical with very light bitterness. Refreshing, juicy and great for a session. Judge’s label: That’s a good beer

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ Brewhouse and Kitchen
2 months ago
Tasty smoked beer, just a tad thin and watery. Nice astringent bitterness, subtle roastiness and Smokey notes abound. I’d prefer a bit more body and denser mouthfeel.

Post author: HarrisonDevine
3 months ago

Post author: Bluffsfisticuffs
4 months ago
Very watery, lacking a lot of flavour.

Post author: Brickles A
Brickles A
4 months ago
Great pilsner. Very refreshing and light

Post author: David W
David W
@ 10:50 From Victoria
4 months ago
Deep earthy bitter taste