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Brauhaus Rheinbach
231 ratings
Brauhaus Rheinbach

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Post author: Jacob Warren
Jacob Warren
2 months ago
Quite nice actually, definitely a German style beer, it’s got a very deep malty taste, it does have a sour finish which I’m not too keen on, otherwise very good.

Post author: Beer Pong
Beer Pong
@ The Galley
2 months ago
For a lager (not normally a fan thereof), this is really nice. I use the term "clean and crisp", not really knowing what that means but it seems appropriate. Could drink another. Will buy again. From Aldi. Competes with Perlenbacher from Lidl. Latter edges it slightly.

Post author: Nomad
@ Aldi Huntington, York
2 months ago
Nice refreshing crisp pilsner from Aldi enjoyable just when you need a thirst quencher cheers.

Post author: Lazy Joe
Lazy Joe
@ Aldi Brownhills
4 months ago
Pleasantly surprised, easy to forget it’s a 4.5%

Post author: Majestic Mike
Majestic Mike
4 months ago
Nice drink, has that sharp lager taste definitely worth a try, lager lovers will approve👍