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16 ratings
Sikaru / S.C Ninkasi S.R.L

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Carrefour, Piața Sfânta Vineri
3 years ago
Impenetrable, deep dark brown beer with rich, fizzy, quick carbonation creates a spritzy, fawn, sponge-like head that tries to exceed two fingers. The foamy pillow shrinks soon to a lower level. The withdrawing foam leaves no traces on the glass. My nose enjoys rather hefty licorice and a smaller injection of burned coffee beans. The taste receptors like the relatively dry twist of burned coffee beans and overstayed black coffee. I also find a tad bitter licorice root, a tiny pinch of charcoal and distant soot. The body is light-medium. The beer finishes with dry, burned nuances such as burned coffee, a bit of charcoal and some bitter licorice. The aftertaste keeps the tastebuds active over medium duration. The mouthfeel is burned, somewhat charred, relatively dry surprisingly strong. It's also medium-full and slightly tangy. The upper right picture with the blue EU Presidency sheet portrays the balcony on which Nicolae Ceaușescu gave his last public speech on 21 December 1989. The building used to be the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party and is now the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On the next day, Ceaușescu and his wife escaped by helicopter but was arrested a few hour later and became finally the last chapter of the Romanian communist history as they both were killed.

Post author: Brendan M
Brendan M
@ Club Vila Bran
3 years ago
Interesting version of a blonde beer. Quite hoppy with a craft beer cloudy complexion. I found this beer quite nice as someone who is not a fan of blondes

Post author: MMM
@ Bordello
4 years ago
Olisipa lasi. Mutta ei ole, on pullon suu.

Post author: Lion
5 years ago
Couleur blonde, très forte carbonisation, beaucoup de mousse, pas incroyable au goût

Post author: Craft Beer Nomads
Craft Beer Nomads
5 years ago
Color is golden and cloudy. Aroma is really citric and yeasy. High carbonated. Taste is also really yeasty. Final is strongly bitter and piney. Maybe this is somewhat taste from ancient cellar ales ;)