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Keski-Uudenmaan Ammattiopisto
37 ratings
Keski-Uudenmaan Ammattiopisto

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Post author: Cold Beer
Cold Beer
@ Joululahja
1 month ago
Aiemminkin maistettu,nyt lisää pinnoja,jotenkin maistuvampaa, sopiva janojuoma ruuanlaitossa. Lahjaksi saatu.

Post author: Cold Beer
Cold Beer
@ Keuda talo
1 year ago

Post author: Risto S
Risto S
3 years ago
Kitkerä mutta ei huomattavaa jälkimakua. Hieman tulee mieleen kitkerä kotikalja. En tykännyt.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Helsinki Beer Festival 2019
4 years ago
Murky, deep dark brown beer with restrained, short-lived carbonation creates a tall, light tan head that climbs up to three fingers. The foamy tower descends slowly to a lower level and wafts as a one-finger cap on the surface for relatively long, as a matter of fact till the end of the drink. The scent offers roasted dark malt and a tad rye bread. The taste receptors get familiar with burned malt, a bit of charcoal and some roasted rye bread. I also find a bit of bonfire and a sooty note. The body is thin, even somewhat watery. The beer finishes with bitter burned aromas that stem from dark rye malt, bonfire and soot. The aftertaste rolls on tongue for a short to medium time. The mouthfeel is a bit strong, rather charred, well-attenuated, dry and also a bit mouth-drying. Thin but tasty and balanced.

Post author: L4T3
4 years ago
Mukava aromihumalointi, mutta hieman keskenkäyneen oloinen ja matalahappoinen

Post author: LärsPepi
@ Helsinki Beer Festival 2018
5 years ago