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Pilton Cider

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Post author: Serge K
Serge K
@ We cidreria
1 month ago
Интересные красные тарифные яблочки

Post author: AtomicDucks
2 months ago
750ml clear glass; pours crystal clear ruby red, almost glowing, gentle carbonation; on the nose indulgent fruity cherries and hints of citrus, with funky ghosts of Brett in the background; in the mouth zippy and fruity, cherries, limes and caramel apples, vanilla and stewed applesauce and dry astringent dark black cherry notes; overall a beautiful example of a co-ferment: unmistakably Pilton and very very morish!

Post author: AtomicDucks
2 months ago
750ml clear glass; pours a dark red almost glowing, clear, gentle carbonation; on the nose it’s wild and bretty whilst equally dripping with fresh sweet cherries and berries with ghosts of barnyard funk, but delicate and soft; in the mouth it’s gentle and sweet but equally dry and grippy, generous texture underlines the caramel and cooked apple notes, velvety dryness invite to a grippy astringent finish; lingering grape notes and vinous aftertaste; overall surprising and reliable, fresh and funky, calm and inviting - definitely my favourite out of the “In Touch“ series: on one hand almost too astringent, but in the other hand perfectly recalled and balanced with the residual sweetness - sweet - dry - sweet: highly recommended!