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Wander Beyond Brewing
549 ratings
Wander Beyond Brewing

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Post author: Paul G
Paul G
13 hours ago
Another Xmas throwback, hope I haven't left it too long. Only a casual 10% triple IPA today..😜 Honey coloured and hazy, though still semitransparent and visible carbonation. Fruity forest on the nose with hefty pine and bright pineapple. Lightly fizzy in the mouth and quite light, with a medium light body and a long finish including the taste of alcohol at the end. It's clean and well presented, well rounded though you cant escape the ABV, tasting it with each sip otherwise the finish would be super clean and satisfying. Pine is less pronounced than on the nose and the fruit is more of a general chutney, but a light one. Being a TIPA it is pretty saturated with hops but you struggle to focus on it. This has more in common with a light coloured whiskey than a juice bomb IPA. Finback, the collaborators, reside in New York and this certainly isn't a New England IPA, pine is the strongest flavour, just about fighting off the pineapple cubes. It is dank but not in a Strata/weed type way more of a sharp and resilient pine oil building on the tongue over time. It's pretty good, but not my favourite style, I don't mind a bit of pine, but only if it's afterthought and second to a big line up of juicy hops. This is more a traditional IPA albeit a very big one and I suppose with that in mind this is particularly light, I've had DIPAs that are heavier, excluding the obvious ABV increase in this case. I'll be going to bed after this so shouldn't be at risk of getting a muddy head. I wouldn't recommend having a full can of TIPA as part of a session!

Post author: Laurent_AnotherDay
@ L'Empire du Malt
9 days ago
Une black (imperial) ice-cream IPA, brassée avec du raisin et des copeaux de chêne de fûts de rhum ! On retrouve bien toutes ces saveurs au nez et en bouche, le côté lactose à la fois, tout en gardant ses 11 chevaux de façon naturelle. Une bière surprenante qui sort des chemins battus ! 👍

Post author: Haerjy
@ Pien Shop & Bar
25 days ago

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
1 month ago
Jet black brown colour and opaque, it did have a large golden brown head initially but it's completely disappeared leaving a port like surface. Aromas of big roast and yeast and ruby element like red wine or port. This brew is quite thin and smooth with full body and medium long finish. It's odd to have a Imperial stout that's not blasting you with an adjunct, that's because of those I've had recently. This Celestial brew, collaboration with Lervig, isn't so crude, it's more of a traditional stout, the chocolate is there but not sweet like a milk stout or boosted via vanilla. The ruby element I mentioned earlier is probably the beer "hot brew" treatment bringing a citrus hoppy edge. It has some complexity to it albeit in a subdued way, you have to look past the deep roast that's typical for an imperial. The finish is where the greeny lies and leaves this brew light in the end. Let me remind you it's 10% ABV. That said, you won't escape the extreme malts, so yes that means a yeasty marmite tinge. Again though, this isn't as marmite-like as Holy Goat's Goblin Cleaver.

Post author: Jericho
@ The Bottle Stop
2 months ago
A lovely smooth oatmeal stout, light in strength at 4.8% too. The smell is lovely and rich. This matches the flavour too which has a sweet and bitter taste. Can't wait to try this again.

Post author: Think
@ Pien Shop & Bar
2 months ago
Melko pirteä maku, vaikka mieto. Sitruksinen. Hyvä terdeolut

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ Brewser
3 months ago
Have been saving this for quite some time thinking it would be a Christmas beer. I took the plunge and I’m glad I didn’t save it for Christmas. Wander Beyond do some fantastic beers but this isn’t one of them. Between the booze and the yeast profile, it’s just a bit too much. Stewed fruits, hints of caramel, cloves and banana, lots of raw alcohol and a aromas of a hefeweizen that’s past it’s best.