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Tooth & Claw Brewing
173 ratings
Tooth & Claw Brewing

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Post author: Lee W
Lee W
@ Asda Grantham
15 days ago
Didn't realize I'd had this previous. I bought it from Asda, but it wasn't funky or strange tasting like some I've had from there. Still had 6 months on the BBE date. First time rating it I gave 3.5* and didn't put a comment so clearly it was nothing special then. This was a nothing beer. Just a strong beer taste with little setting it out from being a strong ale you get in a bottle. Really annoyed at this for promising so much on the can using the word juicy - it's never juicy - just really rubbish and you've lied to me. I won't be in a rush to buy a tooth and claw beer after this. Avoid.

Post author: Mike
@ Asda Kingsway
23 days ago
Very strong flavour. Loved it.

Post author: Biersau
@ Head Of Steam - Quayside
23 days ago
Good scran innit bruv

Post author: Petri V
Petri V
@ Woolshed Bar & Kitchen
25 days ago

Post author: Elma S
Elma S
@ Woolshed Bar & Kitchen, Turku
1 month ago
• tuhti & sakea • trooppisen hedelmäinen ale, ei tosin pale oikeastaan • maukas kuin mansikka

Post author: Pejk B
Pejk B
@ Woolshed Bar & Kitchen, Turku
1 month ago

Post author: Paul A
Paul A
1 month ago
Too tangy for my liking