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14 ratings
Zapato Brewery

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Post author: GRAHAM PAYNE
@ Priest Town Brewery Shop
6 months ago
Nice fruity strong Belgian style IPA

Post author: Jamie K
Jamie K
@ James' House
10 months ago
Advent Calendar 2021 Beer 13 Very bitter IPA, and not much other discernible flavours Very hard to describe; It’s just a drink, that’s it really. Yea it’s drinkable but wouldn’t rush back for one

Post author: mthomps_
2 years ago
This whole can just took Mick. First I had to add it to the app, ball ache. Drinking it was a ball ache too, fizzy hoppy nothingness.

Post author: Christopher T
Christopher T
@ The Beer Stop
4 years ago
This is superb looks great keeps a good foam head sweet sugary aromas and a taste of sweetness and a grapefruit twinge it’s very good not what I was expecting at all expected something milky and vile but this is great 👍