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Cloak + Dagger
40 ratings
Cloak + Dagger

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Post author: Paul G
Paul G
@ Partners in wine
4 months ago
Pale straw and hazy in complexion. Citrus, tropical and pine on the nose. Cloak and Dagger are local to me, which is nice, but they're not the best. Not bad just a bit average and boring. Perhaps a session IPA epitomises this assessment. Light mouthfeel with moderate carbonation, a light body and near instant finish. The can states Mosaic hops are used which is quite surprising due to the lack of perceivable pineapple and sense of pine. It's crisp, dry, light and fresh. Enjoyable cold and easy drinking. It's on the west coast side of IPA with a watered down juicy element. As a session it fits the bill, you could keep hitting this brew and be ok, though you wouldn't remember what you've had as it's just not memorable. It's probably an efficient brew, not wasting any hops but then it's also not decadent nor lush. This is the type of beer you could serve at a cafe without risk of upturned noses and eyebrows. And if you do see it in a cafe bar you should definitely choose it over the commonly seen draught barrel pales. There are hops you can taste, light citrus in a general manner and it's not bad. Session IPA it is.

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
@ Partners in wine
5 months ago
Caramel in colour with a fizzy head that dissipates soon after. Citrusy, herby and piney aroma with a bit of toffee apple. I don't often have a west coast and this one is brewed by one of my local breweries Cloak and Dagger and they're alright. The taste is more subtle than the aroma and leans further into caramel and malt than fruit. Perhaps it's due to the quite low abv of 4.8% or not having an over abundance of hops. Perhaps it's the aim to make a malty bitter piney west coast and fair play cos that's what it is. The herby pineyness hits you first and a sweet toffee malt finishes and fades quickly. It's easy going and quite light yet with a tang, toffee apple indeed. It's good to break up NEIPAs with a west coast every now and then and as I've said before malt is quite rare for me as i stick to the juicy hop fests.

Post author: Digweed For Victory
Digweed For Victory
8 months ago
Refreshing piney light session IPA.

Post author: Mickyp75
@ Potts family Bar
1 year ago
Hazy pale

Post author: BeerbytheSea
1 year ago
Pours with a frothy head. Cloudy and hazy with a dark orange hue. Taste is nice and light but with enough character to bring it to life. I'd definitely go back for more of this. Good session ale.

Post author: Matteokop
@ Chez Allmark
2 years ago