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37 ratings
New Zealand Breweries Limited
New Zealand

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Post author: Charlie
@ The Railway Hotel
7 months ago
Tasty pale

Post author: Zsolt Szőke
Zsolt Szőke
@ Brew | Craft Beer Pub
10 months ago

Post author: Jon®
@ DouglieOuglie
11 months ago
Lovely. Very crisp (quite a Heineken taste) could drink these till I pass out 🤩

Post author: Julian Selby
Julian Selby
2 years ago
A crisp and clean lager with a grassy note and a clean bitterness. Smooth and easy drinking which is perfectly balanced with a dry astringent finish. Goes down well with seafood and hot dishes.

Post author: Julian Selby
Julian Selby
3 years ago
Not much difference except it’s stronger in alcohol volume. This beer has a pure smooth easy drinking taste that is perfectly balanced from the light New Zealand hop nose to its crisp clean finish.

Post author: Thomas B
Thomas B
3 years ago
Unschlagbar gut, aber nicht verwechseln mit Steinlager Classic

Post author: Niki A
Niki A
3 years ago
Ihan maukas pale ale uudesta seelannista. Tehty erityisenä aldi myymälöihin. Importattu ilmeisesti ausseihin. Kuivahko, ei kovin hedelmäinen. Hapahko. Hissuksiin.

Post author: Larry C
Larry C
@ Tony's Wellesley st.
3 years ago
An ok lager, no surprises.

Post author: Pierre32
@ Auckland Airport
4 years ago
Surpris par la qualité de cette bière, elle n'était pas si classique