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Post author: Bigfer
3 months ago
The bitter is surprisingly good. 25p a can it's ideal for a shandy on a hot afternoon. Much nicer than a 0% craft ale.

Post author: Jon T
Jon T
@ Sainsbury's
4 months ago

Post author: Adam P
Adam P
4 months ago
Surprised at how much I like this, nice twist on a cider

Post author: Julian Selby
Julian Selby
6 months ago
Not a bad NA pilsner for a dry day. Almost tastes like the real thing.

Post author: Peter G
Peter G
6 months ago
Tastes like cheap pina colada cocktail. Not good

Post author: Adam B
Adam B
1 year ago
Not too bad for a non alcoholic beer but not gonna win any prizes.

Post author: este
@ Sainsbury's
1 year ago
Very nice NON ALCOHOLIC beer. It's better than some of the normal lagers for sure 🤔 I can say easily that this pilsner is better than Budweiser (American one)

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
@ Sainsbury's
1 year ago
It’s okay a little watery with a slight chemical taste but otherwise an ok pilsner.

Post author: Paul P
Paul P
2 years ago
Surprisingly good for a alcohol free beer, seems a world away from the awfulness of kaliber and Barbican