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Panimo Hiisi
40328 notes
Panimo Hiisi
Jyväskylä, Finland

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Hiisi on itämerensuomalaisten kansojen alkuperäisuskonnon pyhä kulttipaikka, pyhä lehto. PANIMO HIISI on keskisuomalainen pienpanimo. Emme tulleet tänne turhan takia ilman syytä. Seikat on kerrottu. Vaikutukset tullaan näyttämään. Olemme täällä suorittamassa tehtävää.

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Post author: Ville V
Ville V
@ Hophaus Tahkon Tislaamo
17 hours ago
Erittäin hyvä, mun makuinen, vielä kun olis savun makua niin tulis täydet pisteet. Voimaa on pirusti!!!

Post author: Jani J
Jani J
21 hours ago
Hituse laihahko liuos...on tynnyrin ja punkun tanniinista napakkuutta...mallas jossain etäämmällä...ei huono, mutta vois olla jotenkin runsaampi magu-osastolla... vähän vetiseksi jää

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Alko Arkadia
2 days ago
Late night dinner. A hare simmered for three hours in red wine gravy in the wood fueled masonry oven. Oh Lord. So tender. And deep tastewise. The meal deserves something bigger, preferably also barrel aged. And here we go! This beer has several vintages. I can't verify anywhere what vintage this is but I would guess it's the latest, that is 2020. Anyway, I'll check this in as a non-vintage version. Jet black is the appearance. And opaque. As one can anticipate... The carbonation is astonishingly open-hearted as a tan, hugely soapy head fills the entire glass. Enormous. Takes a couple of pours to manage the fill in the first place. But eventually it's there. Descends abnormally fast, like a collapsing snow mountain. What remains is a thin lace ring, the color, of course, being unchanged. Peat, whisky and oaky barrel nuances dominate in the scent. Islay in sight. Licorice looms timidly behind the whisky barrel. Espresso, tobacco and a roasted smoky wisp season this segment beautifully. The taste... uuuhh... my goodness... this is strrrrrong. Flavorwise, I mean. Very powerful. Whisky is unbeatable. Almost unbearable. But still not. Huge whisky on the tongue. Peat, peat and peat. Mama! Smoke on the tastebuds. Soot, ash, charcoal, intensive deep barrel notes. Dried tobacco leaves. A drop of very bitter espresso, as well. Dark malt and a smaller injection of piney hops from the traditional flavor list. A plenty of notes, still quite a universal trajectory that doesn't offer surprises. The body clocks full. Yes, full. But not robust though. Serves the purpose surely in this ABV category but doesn't start a fireworks. The finish is burned, ashy, boozy, peaty, barrel aged. And what not. Iku-Turso, son of Old-age Aftertaste, why art rising from the waters; wherefore dost thou leave the blue-sea? The mouthfeel is full, strong, intense, deep and relatively rich. The beer is exceptionally copiously barrel aged, somewhat boozy, dry, drying, burned, woody and mouthcoating. Warming. And a bit tangy. Toooo frothy. Challenging. Deep end. Offers a lot of nuances but I still wouldn't call this complex.

Post author: Karmahii
@ Alko Prisma Linnainmaa
2 days ago
Sunday evening's dessert with domestic craftbeer brewery's imperial, bourbon barrel aged stout. Black beer, with light brown foam that disappears fast, leaving thin rim around the glass. Scent is to barrel, whiskey and coffee. Taste is surprisingly good, as I am not enthusiast of barrel aged beers. Sweetish, and roasted flavors with discernable taste of whiskey/alcohol that leaves warming effect. Flavors of licorice, coffee and dark chocolate. Good impy stout.

Post author: Vee
@ Ravintola Mikko
2 days ago
Kirpsakka erittäin hyvä perus sour

Post author: Tino.O
2 days ago
Jotain jäin kaipaamaan mutta mitä.

Post author: Kauppinen J
Kauppinen J
@ K-Citymarket Palokka Jyväskylä
2 days ago
Ihan miellyttävä. Alkuun lupaa hyvin ja loppupuolla katkeroituu mukavasti. Ei laajenna tajuntaa, paitsi ehkä etiketin osalta. Vähän meinannut olla hankala löytää ko. panimolta omaan suuhun sopivaa olusta, mut tämä oli kyllä ihan kokeilemisen arvoinen.