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Uusi Oluttehdas / Nya Bryggeriet

We are a couple living in Turku, Finland. In the fall of 2019, we found a huge number of different unused labels and brochures inside of our house floor. We started researching them and found out that they belonged to a brewery that operated in Turku from 1870-1920. There was something wonderful about the discovery, downright magical. The brewery’s history with some dramatic twists and turns, and our special discovery didn’t let us down, so without much brewing knowledge, we decided to re-establish a brewing company with the same name and began to think about how the brewery’s story could be made to continue. We’re at the beginning of a journey with no knowledge of the destination, but our next step is to start as a contract brewery and try learn how to make beer and see where this takes us.

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Post author: ALeksi S
ALeksi S
@ Prisma Itäharju
21 hours ago
Meni hyvin alas. En muista oonko aiemmin juonut tätä. Aika Jees, tähän aikaa iltaa😇.

Post author: Jarno S
Jarno S
3 days ago

Post author: TimoS
12 days ago
Täyteläinen ja hieman makea.

Post author: TimoS
13 days ago
Sopiva lähtö kierrokselle. Maltainen ja hieman katkera.

Post author: Grondan
@ Alko Easton Helsinki
18 days ago
Erittäin raikas. Pehmeä ja makeahko. Shortly in English: Very fresh. Soft and sweet.

Post author: R.Mikko
@ K-Citymarket Skanssi
19 days ago
Tumman keltainen, samea kun sekoitti sakat... Nopea vaahto. Ei ihmeempi. Ei paha.

Post author: ZekeWolf
@ Alko Verkkokauppa
26 days ago
Pale golden Pilsner with a light haze. Straight out of the fridge and the bottle after 🚴‍♂️. Pale malts and grains at first on aroma and taste. Taste continues with mellow citrus and light honey. Grassy hops into the finish. Just right just now. When warming up the hops fade so chill properly 😁

Post author: Jokkeri76
@ K-Citymarket Salo
1 month ago
Tasting… Viljainen, maltainen ja hiivainen on tuoksu. Viljainen, maltainen ja hiivainen on alkumaku medium hapokkuudella. Mukava raikas, mutta pehmeän taustalla oleva sitruksen maku tulee mukaan joukkoon antamaan mielenkiintoista ja houkuttaa maustetta tähän olueeseen suullisen edetessä. Jälkimakuna on viljaa ja mallasta sekä hennosti ruohoa ja sitrusta. Todella kelpo pilsneri olut. PE 21.10.22

Post author: Rauno
1 month ago
Mukavan vahva maku pilsneriksi, jatkoon