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Tartarus Beers
32 ratings
Tartarus Beers

West Yorkshire

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Post author: Beer Pong
Beer Pong
@ The Galley
7 days ago

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
@ The Beer Stop
15 days ago
Lovely caramel and tasty ale. Wow this is strong though.

Post author: Mr_Moo91x
@ The House of Trembling Madness
24 days ago
On the nose I'm getting cinnamon and chilli, a sweetness like a Danish pastry Beautiful deep chocolate flavour with a slight chilli kick, which actually blends so well with the chocolate that rather than being a separate flavour it works together with the chocolate to just add even more depth. Again a cinnamon flavour there as well which is amazing. Really lovely stout. Beautiful mouthfeel to it thick and coats the mouth ☺️ This is absolutely perfect

Post author: Risfis
1 month ago
Denna va underbar ju. Robban skärp dig.

Post author: Sean T
Sean T
2 months ago
Black kveik TIPA is loaded with dark malts for a toasty character, but heavily hopped with southern hemisphere hops to give a massive stone fruit flavour and aroma. Strong at 11.2% but the great flavours hide the strength brilliantly. A fantastic beer from a great brewery!

Post author: Jacob R
Jacob R
@ House Of The Trembling Madness, Lendl, York
2 months ago
Scary. Ha - eyes. Green. Blue. Black. Sweet yuzu. Spice. Salt. Earth. Sour Bitter. Scary.

Post author: Sean T
Sean T
2 months ago
Sessionable stout with strong dark chocolate flavour to start, with a great coconut taste late on the palate. Amazing artwork on the can too!