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Wiper and True

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Post author: Dartford Dave
Dartford Dave
@ Sainsbury's Abbey Wood
18 days ago
Vanilla aromas and flavours. Nice, sweet tasting stout.

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
@ Bottle and Jug Department
29 days ago
Very pale and considerably hazy and opaque with fast disappearing head after a fast pour. Very juicy and dank on the nose with aromas of orange, passionfruit, apricot and mango. Light and soft mouthfeel with moderate fizz, light to medium body and medium length finish. Soft and easy drinking with plenty of juiciness and notable carbonation on the tongue. Nice to see Riwaka and strata hops together along with the classic IPA hop Citra. The dankness seems to increase over time and serves as good company to the juices. Passionfruit leads the flavours clearly with a mixture of footnotes from orange blossom, mango, pineapple, yuzu and apricot, all under the dank blanket laying consistently through the beers midriff! Arbor's pint cans advertises their value, as Arbor often are cheaper than others. The flavour content is decent though and prevents you thinking it's a cheapskate brew. This goes down easy and I'd recommend a fast pour into a glass you extract excess gas that could leave you bloated. Strata is a good choice to give off hoppy flavour and it pairs with Citra nicely, though I can't help but think these two could produce a much more resinous affair. There is only hints of pine which for me is a good thing especially for a NEIPA! It's more weed than pine and the tropical juice content is quite high, it's a good representation of a NEIPA without being outstanding. UPDATE: this beer get more rounded and balanced after breathing which makes it softer whilst retaining the dank juiciness.

Post author: Looping
@ Oulens Pommaz
2 months ago
Milch stout, nez très lactée, bouche lactée, marshmallow, un peu carbonique

Post author: Ph R
Ph R
@ Ismaël
2 months ago
Bien cacao, café. Intense.

Post author: Christian K
Christian K
@ Sous la bâche !
2 months ago
Porter laiteuse… goût marshmallow léger, mais pas trop à mon goût.

Post author: Folders
@ Sous la bâche !
2 months ago

Post author: Isma hell
Isma hell
@ Board Games And Beers
2 months ago
Cette fois une vrai saveur milk! On est clairement sur les bases d'un stout avec une touche fleur de rose qui parfume cette bière et qui la rend finalement assez légère.

Post author: Linners
@ The Oldmarket Assembly
3 months ago
Light, fizzy, and somewhere between hoppy, tangy and soapy? Judges label: Would have another

Post author: Adam P
Adam P
4 months ago
Touch bitter for me but not bad and a nice drink

Post author: TmOoMt
5 months ago
Light and refreshing