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Hop Stuff Brewery
168 ratings
Hop Stuff Brewery

Hop Stuff is in a hurry. Founder James Yeoman, the most enthusiastic user of Linkedin imaginable, has opened a string of bars already in south London and Kent, and shows no sign of letting up. The brewery is based in the former Royal Arsenal in Woolwich; the beer has evolved into the sort of sessionable, hop-forward stuff that is popular right now.

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Post author: teikenes
@ The Pheasant Inn
3 years ago
Not a bad session IPA

Post author: Gelfling666
@ Tesco Hardwick
4 years ago
Nice enough..

Post author: Mark B
Mark B
@ Epsom
4 years ago
Nice fruitiness. Decent supermarket brew.

Post author: Phil Metcalfe
Phil Metcalfe
@ Tesco
4 years ago
Punchy tropical tasting NEIPA with a hint of Grapefruit ... would prefer more Grapefruit but hey still good

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ James' House
4 years ago
Not a bad beer, but not the best. Doesn’t quite hit home like a true NEIPA , and isn’t as good as other Grapefruit IPAs. It’s a hybrid of both styles in my opinion. Still it’s refreshing, hop forward with a nice tart citrusy bitterness. There’s sweet tropical aromas akin to a NEIPA but the grapefruit takes away from the flavour. At £3 from a supermarket it’s good value for money

Post author: Christopher T
Christopher T
@ My beery fridge
4 years ago
We’ve conquered all of Europe! A nice fruity zesty neipa a pleasure to drink mind you after watching Liverpool be crowned champions of Europe anything will taste good

Post author: Sean M
Sean M
@ Tesco
4 years ago
Yet another purchase from Tesco. Loving the new range of beers they’ve taken on. This time around I’m drinking a Grapefruit NEIPA from UNBARRED, at 6.5% ABV. I’ve always been a fan of grapefruit infused beers and couldn’t wait to try this. The beer pours a golden amber colour in the glass, with a one finger white head. Decent carbonation in there. The aroma... SMASH! Grapefruit hits you straight away! There’s a hint of lemon in there, maybe some pine needle. The amount of hops used in the beer creates this huge grapefruit aroma. Smells great! The taste certainly delivers the grapefruit predominantly. The carbonation pushes the beer around the palate nicely. Definitely a hoppy brew this one. There’s a decent level of bitterness on the back end, that lingers for a little while after the beer goes down. Aroma is good, taste is good. The problem for me with this beer... it claims to be a New England IPA. I don’t get it. The beer is not hazy enough for a start to be a NEIPA. There definitely needs to be a good amount of oats in the beer, which there isn’t. It’s a little too carbonated for a NEIPA as well. I recommend that you grab Love & Hate NEIPA by VOCATION brewery (also from Tesco’s) and put it side by side with this. The difference is night and day. They look nothing the same. That’s because Love & Hate is a true NEIPA and this one isn’t. Overall, decent aroma, nice taste, it’s quite refreshing. I can’t rate it highly as it’s not what it says on the tin. 2.5 from me at best.

Post author: Dartford Dave
Dartford Dave
@ The Wrong Un
4 years ago
From: 7:12:2014.