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Hangar 24 Craft Brewery
27 ratings
Hangar 24 Craft Brewery
United States

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Post author: KozelFan
@ The Temple Of Syrinx
1 year ago
The alcoholic taste is not hidden in any way. Its strong and it knows it. đŸš±

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Valencia St. Station / San Francisco Airport, International Terminal
3 years ago
Time to leave đŸ‡ș🇾 The beer fills the glass from tap as misty, orange. The relatively lively, regular-duration carbonation frees an off-white, velvety head that reaches one finger and settles gradually down to a hair-thin lacing on the surface. The retreating foam leaves a few tiny splatters on the glass. The scent is mild citrusy: I pick a bit of orange peel, a silent sigh of tangerine and a bit of wheat flour. The taste is a cocktail of slightly musty wheat malt, a pinch of wheat flour, a reasonable pour of orange zest, bitter orange peel and a gentle touch of tangerine. The light-bodied beer finishes bitter-leaning citrusy elements, predominantly bitter orange peel, lemon pith and a decent layer of wheat malt. The aftertaste leaves this world after a while. The mouthfeel is light, juicy, relatively refreshing and distantly tart. It's also slightly closed.

Post author: Mightykoala
3 years ago
MeripihkanvÀrinen, samea olut puolen sormen vahvuisella vaahdolla. Tuoksussa on hedelmÀÀ ja humalaa. Olut on keskitÀytelÀinen, hapokas, makea, kuiva ja pehmeÀ. Mausta löytyy hedelmÀÀ, katkeroa, sitrusta, karamellia ja mallasta. HyvÀ, perinteinen dipa. Ei löydy erikoisuuksia, mutta perusasiat on kunnossa ja maut tasapainossa. (3+9+4+8+15=39) 3,9

Post author: Dr. Woodchuck
Dr. Woodchuck
4 years ago
Another one from my Canada Craft Club subscription. It is advertised as being made with local (California) oranges but there's absolutely zero citrus flavour to this. It's cloudy and slightly orange coloured but, sadly, no orange flavour. Husband found it sour but I found it just a bland wheat beer. Not very effervescent, not much head, not much of anything to write about. Just a really big bottle.

Post author: Suikki Pallerson
Suikki Pallerson
@ The Blackbird
4 years ago
HedelmĂ€inen ja humaloitu, maku ei yhtÀÀn tappelua aiheuta. Aika kiva kalifornialainen 😃

Post author: Alethea W
Alethea W
4 years ago
This is quite bitter and if it warms up even a bit it becomes quite sour.