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Weird Beard Brew Co.
577 ratings
Weird Beard Brew Co.
London, England

Hot-shot homebrewers Gregg Irwin and Bryan Spooner endured a frustrating start to brewing life as they sought to get their 'experimental, no-holds-barred' brewery up and running. If it was annoying for the pair, drinkers will feel it was worth the wait, particularly those in the west of the city where pubs with decent beer choice are thin on the ground. Although Irwin has now left the brewery, Spooner is maintaining standards.

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Post author: Linners
2 months ago
Thick black pour with roasted coffee aromas. Roasted malts dominate the flavour and the ABV is not well hidden, almost sherry like. It becomes more red wine like the further you go down…not in a bad way. You could move onto this in the late evening by the fire instead of moving from beer to wine, and you’d be just fine. Judges label: That’s a good beer

Post author: Simon P
Simon P
@ The Drink Valley Brewpub - Swindon
2 months ago

Post author: HORN85!
@ Brew//LDN 2022
9 months ago
Smoky coffee taste, could not do a full pint but a nice change

Post author: Glaysher S
Glaysher S
@ Brew//LDN 2022
9 months ago

Post author: KozelFan
@ Shilling Brewing co.
1 year ago
Nice and hoppy, not very oaty!