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28 ratings
The Pimm's Company

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Post author: David C
David C
4 years ago
This is a fruit based drink for the ladies but alarmingly I’m rather fond of it. Summer in a cup.

Post author: Kev O
Kev O
5 years ago
Decent enough cider, fairly weak in taste though

Post author: Dan B
Dan B
@ Tesco Metro
5 years ago
Too sweet for my taste. I bought it becausr its cucumbet and I thought i mat not be as sweet as other fruit ciders. I was wrong!

Post author: Levi A
Levi A
5 years ago
A nice fruity cider, would be lovely on a hot summer afternoon

Post author: Rajavuori
6 years ago
Pokepallo karamellien makunen siideri ei ole kovin hyvä. Luumu tekee siideristä imelän. Jäisenä booliin sopiva juoma. Teinivuodet.

Post author: Jody C
Jody C
6 years ago
Real tasty sweet drink to he served with ice.