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Robinsons Brewery
8489 ratings
Robinsons Brewery
Stockport, England

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Post author: Charlie
@ The Railway Hotel
7 hours ago
Spot on

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
23 hours ago
Son-in-law is a huge fan of Iron Maiden so he gave me this as a Duo beer. Says we have to share this while listening to Iron Maiden Trooper. Found on the internet, so I'm going to turn it on and turn it up loud. All new to me. Nice frothy head. Clear and deep red in color. Rich natural deep malt, some raw honey sweetness. Texture is super soft and velvety. Deep roasted, heavy malt with distinct notes of black cherry. Glides into the finish staying sweet but adding a tart hard mineral quality. Like one of those unusual specialty salts. As an American I probably started this beer too cold, but thankfully, it's a large bottle and warmed as I was evaluating it. Much more flavor became apparent and all of it more delicious as it reached its proper drinking temperature. This was a special treat. So was the music.

Post author: Marko A
Marko A
@ K-Supermarket Kuninkaankulma
1 day ago
Vähän vetistä, mutta menettelee..