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The Cheshire Brewhouse
32 ratings
The Cheshire Brewhouse

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Post author: Peter G
Peter G
@ Beer52
1 year ago
Strong natural yeast flavour, similar to a Belgian ale. Slight floral aftertaste. Not what I was expecting

Post author: Aidan_Brodders
2 years ago
Did not enjoy this, love a west coast IPA, but this was intense in bitterness and sweetness, and quite malty also, couldn't take too it.

Post author: Jamie K
Jamie K
@ James' House
2 years ago
Day 7 Advent Calendar 2020 A new style for me, though I’ve had kveik beer before and can defo tell it’s used in this It’s a Farmhouse Ale and tastes like a farmhouse, very rural and rustic, the sort of beer I’d expect served in a big jug by a farmer in a log cabin. It just doesn’t really do much, that’s not much going on. First taste met with a dull bitterness and then not much else, I guess some people would like this it’s not a bad beer but I don’t like it. Tastes like it’s brewed with dirty mushrooms

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ Chesterfield Craft
2 years ago
Nice. Big hit of roast malt and a treacle-like sweetness with hints of harsh bitterness. Quite robust but certainly not smooth.

Post author: Peter M
Peter M
@ The Wee Beer Shop
2 years ago
Very much like a sweet lemonade as opposed to a sour. Slight sour kick but very sweet on the tongue.