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Burial Beer Company
22 ratings
Burial Beer Company
Asheville, United States

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Post author: Tom
4 months ago

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Gulf Shores Alabama
2 years ago
Out on the beach in Gulf Shores Alabama. Trying to be careful with social distancing and maintaining a little space. High, very thick and frothy thick white head. Seems to be lasting. Faint citrus aroma. Medium yellow color, hazy and opaque. No particulates visible. Thick and creamy but dry texture, somewhat tart and bitter. Closest citrus maybe tangerine. Finish is dry with no flavor, only a modest bitterness. It's okay but not as strong in the flavor that I prefer and the finish disappears too quickly.

Post author: Edgeworth
@ The Foundry Growler Bar
3 years ago
Had this 4 oz. on tap at the Foundry with a great Reuben sandwich. Pours a very dark opaque brown, medium tan head. Aroma is that of chocolate and a little fruity. Taste is roasted, a flat chocolate, like cocoa. Add a lightly tart fruit. Enjoyed this recommend if you get the chance.