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29 ratings
Bearded Lady - Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
10.5% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout

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Post author: Gustavo
@ Cimmeria
3 months ago
Muy oscura,con cuerpo,aroma licoroso,sabor potente,a turba y ahumado,madera y licor.

Post author: John C
John C
5 months ago
Great beer but it will fuck you up

Post author: Bobby B Smooth
Bobby B Smooth
1 year ago

Post author: Lasis
@ De BierTonne
2 years ago
Mustaa. Vaalean ruskea vaahto. Tuoksu suklaata, kaakaota ja bourbonia. Maku bourbonia, suklaata, kaakaota ja vaniljaa. Miellyttävä olut.

Post author: orson
@ Ghost Whale Webshop
2 years ago
BB 17.2.21. Omassa kaapissa ollut vajaan vuoden. Heti kun avaa niin vahvasti pöllähtää Bourbon ilmoille. Tuoksussa myös makeutta ja kaakaota. Suutuntuma hiilihappoinen, ei niin runsas mitä odotin ja aika pehmeä. Maussa makeutta, suklaata, bourbonia, vaniljaa, kaniljaa ja kaakaota. Jälkimaku on hieman pistävä ja alkoholi kurkkii myös esiin. Jotenkin tulee vähän fiilis, että aika ei ole tätä parantanut. Vähän makupaletti sen oloinen, että paras terä ja runsaus poissa.

Post author: God-Emperor's Wraith Form
God-Emperor's Wraith Form
@ De BierTonne
2 years ago
Looks like this will be a can-only night. Had to drop the last one, it just wasn't too enjoyable. Canned 03/20, best before 17/02/21. Scent is bit berry-ish, coffee notes. Milk chocolate with some spiciness. Lactose. Taste is quite bland. Hmm. There's milk chocolate, berries, slight coffee, bit lactose. Spiciness. Not much else. Body is mouth-filling, smooth and medium-light strong. Hmm. Seems the age didn't really favor this one either. Gotta agree with Jari, there's no barrel at all. And barely any flavour. Quite unfortunate considering the scores previous batch had.

Post author: Jari J
Jari J
2 years ago
Christmas calendar but once again I can't remember which #. Maybe 11? Canned on 3/2020 Temperature: + 10 C Pitch black beer with a long-lasting creamy head. Some lace and the texture is thick. Looks very good: 4,75/5 The nose is heavily roasted in which the cinnamon fits well. As does the cacao nibs. Powdery like chocolate comes to mind. Vanilla makes this a dessert-like, and the barrel ageing provides a balancing factor. Good, good, yes indeed: 4,5/5 Mouthfeel kind of fails to carry the beer as the body turns too light at the end. That makes the heavy roasted feel that the beer has feel too stinging and astringent like. The barrel seems to make this very dry. But at least this can't be blamed for having tamed roastiness! And the beginning of every sip is nice as the body feels strong at the start: 3,5/5 The taste is roasty with bitter chocolate notes and spicy cinnamon. Interesting coconut flavour, most likely from the barrel ageing. I can't detect any vanilla and only subtle Bourbon flavour. The somewhat weak mouthfeel no doubt affects the taste as well: 11/15 Well, the beer started out pretty well but then kind of let you down. The Bourbon could be stronger. I often say barrel-aged beers show too much barrel, but this has too little. BA is art... But most importantly, the mouthfeel should be fuller and last till the end. That would be a big improvement, and no doubt make the experience with this beer better. But what works in this beer, works very well: 15/20 =38,75/50

Post author: Bellomafiosi
2 years ago
Une impérial stout bourbon barrel aged 🇬🇧 complexe . Robe noire coiffée d’une mousse laiteuse couleur camel qui ne tient pas la dégustation , son nez , savamment équilibré développe des notes de café , de chocolat , de vanille et d’alcool , un nez extrêmement appétant qui nous donne envi d’approfondir . En bouche c’est l’extase , un corp liquoreux et velouté vous apporte des saveurs de chocolat vanillé renforcé par le goût de l’alcool puis le café et l’amertume sonne une longue finale très agréable . On ne nous a pas mentit c’est un vrai dessert liquide .

Post author: NaeZae
2 years ago

Post author: Lee A
Lee A
2 years ago
Great on the noise but less on the taste buds.