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10.0% Imperial Stout

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Au Coin Mousse
3 years ago
One more Swiss beer before having some dinner. A 10 % Imperial Stout will satisfy my beer appetite this time. More will follow tomorrow... The beer pours sluggishly as opaque, oily black. The carbonation is truly restrained and it more or less fails to produce any head at all. The olfactory package contains burned black malt and a suggestion of coarse rye malt. The fragrance is, generally speaking, considerably timid. The tongue can, nevertheless, enjoy much more pronounced components such as heavy licorice, a generous amount of roasted malt, faint black coffee and an idea of soot. I like this although I expected something fuller and desserty. The body is full, not substantially robust but at the level that it can be called "full". The beer finishes with rather sweet licorice, sooty roasted malt and a tiny dollop of bitter overstayed black coffee. As if there were a drop of lactose in the beer? The aftertaste keeps the tastebuds happy for a significantly long time. The mouthfeel is a bit sappy, truly soft and smooth as well as noticeably medicinal. It's also somewhat candy-like and, hence, desserty. Lovely!