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Mercury 5.7%, Blackwell Brewery, Switzerland
5 arviota
5.7% Saison / Farmhouse Ale


Post author: Julie A
Julie A
3 months ago

Post author: Truboy M
Truboy M
6 months ago

Post author: Røl
1 year ago
Mercury, Switzerland
C'est effectivement pétillant et on sent clairement le fût de Chardonnay avec un houblon épicé et herbale. Elle tient ces promesses mais ça n'est pas ce que je préfère !

Post author: Crine
3 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
4 years ago
Mercury, Switzerland
Hazy, dirty, deep gold beer with reasonable, long-lived carbonation releases a pure white, velvety head that stumbles when trying to reach one finger's height. The head melts soon down to a thin lacing on top. I can't see any splashes on the glass. The scent merges fruity citrus and wheat malt together into one. The medium-sour lemon peel and a tad grapefruit pulp emanate to the nostrils. The wheat is strongly identifiable and relatively soft, even fresh. The taste portrays surprisingly little wheat malt. It's there but wants to shy away from the limelight. Instead, I receive a somewhat unexpected semidry white wine, accompanied by rather sour passionfruit, lemon zest and a bit of lemon peel. I can also detect distinct yeast in the background. The white wine is explicable by the fact that the beer has developed in Chardonnay oak barrels. The label also argues that the beer contains rye malt but I can't detect it yet. The body is light. The beer finishes with sour lemon juice and a good dollop of pressed passionfruit, followed by harsh lemon peel and a tad wheat malt. The wheat has now gained its normal stuffy mode. I still can't recognize the rye malt, maybe it's somehow embedded in the fruitiness. The duration of the aftertaste is medium at maximum. The mouthfeel is light, rather juicy but also somewhat musty, let alone a bit earthy. It's also astonishingly vinous, medium-tart and relatively puckering, relatively dry as well as mouth-drying.