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5 ratings
9.0% Imperial Stout
Double coffee

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Post author: Verm
4 months ago
Au nez comme en bouche on est sur des notes de café apporter par le café et de vanille apporter par la vanille, en bouche se rajoute un petit plus de malte Le point négatif, les 44cl qui font qu'en plus des 9%, ba ça cogne

Post author: Jiimies
@ My Wonderful World of Beers
6 months ago
Musta kauniilla, pienikuplaisella vaahdolla. Vahva kylmäuutetun kahvin tuoksu. Makean vaniljainen kärki tanakalla kahvisella taustalla. Hapokkuutta runkoon mentäessä makean ja kahvisen paahteisuuden tukemana. Jälkimaussa sitten sitä vaniljaa. Makeasti tietty! Muistin taas vaimon veljen antaman joulukalenterin jämät ja laitoin sieltä yhden kylmiimään. Aikas kivan tasapainoinen toteutus makean ja kuivanpaahteisen välillä.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Beerdome
1 year ago
Impenetrable, very deep dark brown beer with unruffled carbonation kicks off a velvety, cappuccino-colored head that falls short of two fingers. A silky lacing covers the surface and bends neatly upwards against the glass. The scent is rather coffeeish, portraying especially bitter coffee beans and a bit of lactose. Vanilla makes me uncertain: is it there or not? Overall, the olfactory provision is rather disciplined and avoids taking risks that could make it fly. The taste profile climbs to the next level with hefty flavors. I can pick sweet cold-brew coffee, powerful lactose, a bit of cream and a tad raw chocolate. Now I can detect vanilla without hesitation. Subtle roast hovers all over the palate. The body is relatively full. The finish extends the coffeeish line to the very end. The end is not bitter though, to the contrary, it's quite sweet. The other components decide to accompany the coffeeish punch. The aftertaste roasts coffee beans and takes a deep inhale of the seductive scent. The mouthfeel is full, well adjuncted, sticky, velvety and smooth. It's relatively deep and offers a few dimensions but fails to be particularly complex. Good late-night coffee dessert.

Post author: Craft Beer Nomads
Craft Beer Nomads
1 year ago
Almost black color, brownish head. Dark aroma with coffee. Sweet and strong, tasty with a lot of coffee aromas and vanilla in the finish.